Rookie Yoga Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Yoga is generally seen as a low-impact, low-stress activity. However, injuries do occur, and you will want to prevent them. Do not be too worried, the injury rate reported by yogis is significantly lower than other sports, but there are some common injuries that are quite avoidable.

Remember, You Are a Rookie

The most common cause of yoga injuries is pushing yourself too hard. While challenging yourself is going to help you grow in your practice, taking this too far is a great way to hurt yourself. Stick to classes that are within your experience range, and stop if you feel uncomfortable. Asking your instructor for a modification is also a great way to stay involved in a more advanced pose, while not taking any risks to your personal safety. Props are also there to modify poses to make them more achievable for a new yogi.

Bend Those Knees

You can hurt your lower back in a number of different poses. Forward Folds is a pose where you can be susceptible to rounding your back to get further into the stretch. Keep a little bend in your knees, and do not try to push the stretch all the way to the ground if your flexibility is not quite there yet. It is better to set your hands on your ankles than on the floor if it means you do not pull muscles in your back. It is also possible to pull your hamstrings in a Forward Fold when you push the stretch too much. Being a little uncomfortable in a stretch is fine, but it should never hurt. Pain is a sign that your body is not ready for what you are trying to make it do.

Wrist Pain

New yogis are likely to experience a little bit of pain in their wrists. Many different poses, such as Downward Dog and Plank, are going to put more strain on your wrists than you are used to. This is going to be more pronounced if you already have weakened wrist due to carpal tunnel syndrome or too much time spent on a keyboard. To reduce this, make sure that you are putting your weight on the correct part of your hand, and spreading the force out over all of your fingers. The angle between your hand and forearm matters a lot too. Pay attention to your alignment during these poses, and do not be afraid to ask your instructor to help you out on getting it just right. As you practice, you will find that your wrists are able to handle more as they get stronger.

On the odd occasion that a yoga injury does occur, the most common reason for it is ego. Pushing yourself into a more advanced pose or trying to reach as deep as more experienced yogis is going to get you hurt. You are looking for something that fits your comfort level and your skill level. It is perfectly okay to ask for modifications or to not perform a pose if you are not comfortable with it. These will all get better with practice, but suffering from injuries will hold you back, not move you forward.

Yoga Fashion for the Plus Sized Women

Do you remember when the CEO of a major yoga fashion company said that his clothes were only see-through because they were being worn by women who were too fat for his clothing line? It was a harsh and mean-spirited comment, and a terrible display of body shaming; it is also true. His mainstream yoga clothing wasn’t designed for plus-sized people. It was incredibly foolish for them to ignore such a great market, and since then a number of designers have realized it as the mistake it was. They are starting to make lines of clothing that fit the plus-sized population well, and it is a great thing. You will notice a few things about the plus-size yoga clothing lines, which are a step ahead, and made to fit you better.


Yoga clothing is meant to be comfortable. You are going to be moving and bending, so that should be easy to do. Trying to fit into mainstream sized yoga pants are going to leave you feeling uncomfortable, the exact opposite of what you want. The constriction may even cause you to be unable to move like you need to, possibly to the point of reducing your form during your yoga practice.

Now let’s talk about bras. Trying to shove all of your endowments into an itty bitty piece of cloth is not fun. There is also the fact that you might need a little more support. A better fitting bra is going to be much more comfortable and supportive, both very important aspects of a bra. These features are overlooked when looking at clothing designed in conventional sizes.

Comfort is not just limited to how things feel while you wear them. Trying to find typically sized pants that fit can feel very uncomfortable. Shopping clothing lines that cater to the plus-sized women can help you feel comfortable during your shopping experience. It will also improve your chances of finding the perfect piece of clothing because you are not having to filter through clothes that are just going to be too small.


Plus sized clothes are going to fit you better. Clothes that fit better, look better. Not only are you going to have less see-through issues, the patterns on plus sized clothing are going to stretch less. You may also find that the cut is going to fit your curves better, both in pants and shirts. These flattering cuts are going to really improve how you feel while wearing your clothes. Being stylish and looking great isn’t required for yoga, but it sure can improve your experiences. Check out Valerie Sagun, a plus-sized yogi, who is motivating people all over the world to get involved with yoga.

An active, healthy lifestyle should not be held back because you are uncomfortable in your clothes. Stylish and comfortable yoga wear is available for you. Flattering styles, great looking prints, and non-constricted ability to move are all things you should expect from your yoga wardrobe, no matter your size. All of these are going to be received when you find clothing that is designed for you. These let you enjoy your activity, and look great doing it.